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This year the SRC has organised a range of fun-filled events including a giant Easter egg hunt in Term 1 and both a junior and senior talent show in Term 3. In term 4  the SRC will organise an assembly where they will share their 2013 successes and encourage new students to have a go and join the SRC for 2014. If you have any great ideas for 2014 please let us know.

  • What ideas do you have for whole school events or activities?
  • What would you like the SRC to organise for 2014?
  • What things could be added to our school to make it better?
  • What are your dreams for the students and community at our school?


24 thoughts on “Hello World!”

  1. It may not sound like much but for the school can we have clocks outside so when its play time or lunch time, the students and the teachers can see what time it is for when it is secound half or first half. It will be useful so when they have to go to etc. a club, or when the teachers have to swap their yard duties. We could have one or two clocks outside so their friends just wont have tofind their other friend who has a watch. I hope you reply. 🙂

    1. I like your idea Lisa and will discuss this with the SRC and Principal. I’m not sure where we could put the clock. We could have it inside against a window or outside on a wall. Perhaps we could design a clock and get it made to place on a brick wall. What do you think?

      1. Maybe students from classes could send in ideas or designs for a clock. The SRC could choose which is the best and someone could make it so we can put it up maybe somewhere where everyone can see the clock. Similar to what SRC did last year with the design of the park bench.

        1. Lisa I really like your idea. It would be good to have a thoughtful and creative person like yourself on the SRC next year. I will discuss this idea with the SRC in 2015 and it see what they think about it!

  2. Dear SRC/Mr Brew,
    I really liked the minigames that the SRC give us every year and I really love it! I am really looking forward to joining the SRC! The SRC do a great work doing minigames!

    From, Datty Dat 3/4M!

    1. Hi Datty Dat,
      The SRC are planning a Disco evening for the students from Grades 4 to 6. We hope you will be able to come. (Hopefully you are in Grade 4!)
      We might run some mini-games for Prep through to Grade 3 later in the year as we might not have a Disco for the younger children. Thanks for your reply and keep watching this space!!

  3. Dear Mr Brew and SRC,
    The SRC did really fun stuff and minigames for the school! We hope that there will be funner games next year and we have heard about what the SRC did and we are hoping to join!

    Jeremy and Dat!

  4. Dear Mr Brew,
    Your blog is so AWESOME that now that I’ve heard what the SRC do I want to become one of them:)

    Jenny Jen Jen
    Class 3/4M&M

  5. Dear Mr Brew,
    The egg competition was eggcelllent I give you and the SRC a BIG thank you!!!

    Jenny Class3/4 M&m

  6. The SRC was created to give students a voice and so that they could do things around the school that they think are important. Our school is for children so the children need to have their say! Most schools have an SRC but how the work in schools can be very different.

  7. I think the SRC is a great opportunity for everyone to share their ideas and more. You don’t even have to be the smartest, strongest or most popular student to get in.
    Also here’s some advice, don’t be a shy person. I remember when I was prep through to year 3, I was really shy and would never really talk unless asked a direct question. It took a while but now I’m more of a confident speaker and I don’t mind being a little silly in front of everyone, I just laugh it off.

    1. I think your comment will encourage a range of students to join the SRC in 2014. We do not want all the students to be the same. A variety of skills and different personalities is what we want. If you give things a go and don’t give up easily your confidence will grow and your abilities will improve. Thanks Kimberley for your terrific advice!!

  8. Thank you so much for the kind compliments and the SRC has helped me in so many ways. I can not even begin. I will miss working alongside you. Plus, I’ll spread the word about this amazing blog! One last thing, how come you haven’t ever shown this blog to the SRC?

    Yours Sincerely,

    1. At the moment the teachers are developing their blogging skills. We are still working out how to manage comments, rules and image content. I wanted to learn how to manage a blog so I started this one. Next year I hope all the students will use it regularly. If you know of any good online videos or sites related to student leadership or SRCs let me know and I can add them to this blog.

  9. Hello, just reading the blog and some comments and I think you should be confident in yourself and you will get into the SRC. You have three chances to try and become a SRC member. Good luck to everyone!!! 🙂

    P.S This year has been really fun working with you Mr Brew, you have taught me so much about being a good leader. Thank you! I hope the SRC of 2014 will enjoy working with you as much as I did.

    1. Thanks Stephanie for your advice about how to become an SRC member for 2014. You have been an excellent leader this year. You have contributed with many ideas and have also worked hard at a range of the less pleasant preparation tasks that are necessary when organising big events.
      I have enjoyed working with all the 2013 students in the SRC and have been amazed at the creative range of ideas that you have turned into realities. I hope Stephanie this experience on the SRC gives you the confidence to look for leadership opportunities in high school next year.

  10. I think a fun event would be to have a ” Cultural Sweets Day ”
    when everyone brings at least 1 or more sweets from the country they are from or from their background. Hope you like my idea! Thanks!

    Lara 3/4M
    PS – I would LOVE to be in the SRC!

    1. I like you idea about a cultural sweets day Lara. Perhaps the idea could be extended into a cultural celebration day with dance, drama art and music activities. The sweet exchange could be part of this. Super thinking. You might like to complete the online SRC survey next week which will help the SRC plan more wonderful activities!

  11. I hope you have a go when the 2014 elections start next year. You will need to organise a speech and present this to your class. Each class must elect one boy and one girl of which one is from grade5 and the other from grade 6.
    Good luck!!!!

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