SRC Assembly

The SRC is planning an exciting assembly next Friday 15th November. They will perform a play which is a parallel adventure story that shows all the exciting things the SRC had done throughout the year:

  • The Giant Easter Egg Hunt
  • The establishment of a vegetable garden
  • The design of a park bench seat
  • The running of a senior and junior talent show


We hope you enjoy our assembly!

12 thoughts on “SRC Assembly”

  1. The assembly was great. My friends & I want to know when the next SRC assembly will be held? It was so great:)

    1. Our next event after Principal for a day will be a school disco in August. I hope you enjoy our next event!!
      What do you think of this idea?

  2. Wow!The play was FANTASTIC! I hope I could join the SRC next year.You guys did a great job. I like the idea of the park bench. It is awesome!

    Jason 3/4M

  3. I’m glad that you all enjoyed our assembly. Our aim was to show what the SRC has done this year through a creative adventure narrative. I think the students were very clever as they came up with the idea and wrote the play themselves.
    We wanted the audience to understand that being in the SRC is fun and that it helps students develop confidence and leadership. I think the play will motivate many of the Grade 5&6 students next year to take part in the elections!
    Good luck everyone for 2014!
    I wonder what new adventures we will have!

  4. The assembly really WOWED me! It was a fantastic SRC assembly, the best so far! I loved how each person had a nickname. I loved watching you collect gemstones! But at first I did think the word was something else!
    Really that assembly was AMAZING!!! Great Job teachers and SRC!

    Lara 3/4M

    PS – Thanks for amusing and astonishing me! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. We really enjoyed the assembly, especially when the SRC collected the gemstones… that was the best part for us. We think it was the BEST, AWESOME assembly you ever created. It was very thoughtful!!! Five star rating for the SRC assembly. From KK & MK 3/4M

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