Student Representative Council 2014

Martina_Charoensak_YR56 - St Joseph's Primary School-3A large number of Grade 5 and 6 students presented speeches hoping to be on the 2014 SRC.  A lot of effort was put into the presentations. Students discussed their strengths as  leaders and their willingness to listen to others and help them to enjoy school.

Thank you to everyone who applied! Unfortunately many eager students have missed out this year. I would encourage you all however to continue to take on future leadership opportunities both this  and next year especiallly in Secondary School.

Through the election process those who applied have improved their public speaking skills. You may find that you are more confident next time you speak in front of an audience.

Well done!

You may be interested in reading the February edition of Connect which is an online magazine published by Roger Holdsworth. This magazine has many articles written by students and teachers that focus on Student Voice, Student Engagement and Student Decision Making.

Prehaps you would like to discuss one of the articles or some of the ideas presented in Connect. If so send me a post.

All the best everyone for 2014!

2 thoughts on “Student Representative Council 2014”

  1. Hi!! I was looking forward to being a 2014 SRC but I wasn’t chosen. Well, bad luck to me!! I will definitely try next year!! Especially since it is my last year next
    year. Good luck to everybody in 2015.

    1. We had lots of people who wanted to be in the SRC but we can only have 20 students. Your comment shows you would be an excellent member.You are keen and willing to work hard. Also the fact that you look at the SRC Blog and make comments shows that you are extremely supportive. Talk to me early next year and I will help you prepare your speech and provide you with a few tips. It would be good to have you in 2015. Please visit our Blog regularly and leave comments and share your ideas! 🙂

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