Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition

Easter bunnyOn 3rd April 2014, the Student Representative Council (SRC) has planned an exciting event for Easter. The whole school will be participating in our Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition.

Children will bring a range of things such as, cardboard, textas, coloured pencils, glue stick and anything else to make a winning Easter egg.

During the competition each child will be provided with a blank outline of an Easter egg on a small piece of paper. They will use this to create their art piece.eastereggs

We look forward to seeing a range of creative designs. There will be lots of prizes and it is certain to be a great success!

Please be organised and plan for this special event!!


6 thoughts on “Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition”

  1. Hello Mr Brew and the SRC,
    I was very sorry to have missed being with you all for the Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition. I have been reading everyone’s comments and it sounds like it was a fun day. Congratulations on organising your first successful whole school event. I look forward to hearing all about it when I see you all at school this week.
    We’ll done!
    From Mrs Rumpf

  2. Hi there Mr Brew,
    The Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition is creeping up and the children are getting very excited!
    I must say, the SRC along with yourself and Mrs Rumpf have done a great job at organising the event. The SRC students have been a great resource. They have been about to answer any questions I have had or the children in the classroom have had about the event! You have trained them well!
    I am looking forward to seeing some very artistic Easter Eggs!
    Mrs Mahney

  3. I think that great deal of thought has gone into this activity by the SRC. All students should have a go and see what they can do!! Good luck everyone. I look forward to seeing the results!!!
    R Hodgson

  4. Do you have any tips for those preparing for the competition?
    Are you planning to cut your egg out?
    Will you decorate one or both sides?
    Will you construct a stand for your egg?
    I wonder how creative the approaches will be?

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