Creative Easter Art Activities

Everyone enjoyed the Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition held on Thursday 3rd April.

Well done! There were so many wonderful and creative ideas.

Watch the following clip and it may give you some ideas that you can have a go at during the school holidays.

The SRC would be interested in looking at anything you have produced when you come back to school.

So get out the glue, paper and scissors and get creative!

8 thoughts on “Creative Easter Art Activities”

  1. Dear Mr Brew,
    I liked all the easter bunny’s and eggs.
    They were all creative i liked the one where it had a bunny cup,
    Like the cup was a bunny.
    I wonder who made those, they are so AMAZING and DECORATIVE.
    I wish I would be able to make those or try to make those.
    Also i wish we had a drawing competition.
    I really would like to draw, i draw at home, school, cousins house and in the car.

    1. We will be running some special lunchtime activities in the school hall this term. I will pass your drawing competition idea onto the SRC. How would you run a drawing competition? What would contestants use when drawing? How long would you give them to complete the task and what could they draw? Since you liked the Easter activities we might look for some Christmas art activities to post on our blog. Thanks for your thoughtful post!

  2. Dear Mr Brew,
    These Easter eggs are wonderful,unique,AMAZING and DECORATIVE. Thank you for posting this video.

    Danny,Ryan, and Tracey

  3. Dear SRC and Mr Brew,
    This video was easter-tastic and egg-celent.

    Teena Leena, Linda Lu and Aimes
    3/4 M

  4. Dear Mr.Brew and all SRC,
    We really like all of the easter egg designs, they were all egg-cellent! But our favourite designs were the button easter egg design and the cotton colourful bob easter egg design.

    Chloe and Jenny
    3/4M 🙂

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