Principal for a Day! 4th June 2014

Leadership Revolution Video from Principals Australia Institute on Vimeo.

We uploaded our picture showing our concept that “Leadership is Everything” to the Principal for a Day website and they used it with entries from other schools to make this short video.

Our students are very creative! Did you know that the letters used in our picture come from photos taken from the mat in our school library!

Jason a Year 5 student was our principal for the day.
What did you think of the idea of Principal for the day?
Have you got any positive comments you would like to give to Principal Jason?

Congratulations Jason you were an amazing principal! What a shame it only lasted for a day.

10 thoughts on “Principal for a Day! 4th June 2014”

  1. Were there other school principals for a day? That is so cool! But I never would volunteer for that! It would be so freaky !!!!!! πŸ™‚

    Ai My

    1. I think you could be Principal for a Day. You just need to give challenging things a go. Anyhow Aimy keep an eye on this blog space and think about trying out for the SRC is 2015!

  2. Dear Principal Jason,
    Were you nervous when you were principal for a day? I was really excited when I saw you on yard duty! And SRC, this blog is interesting!

    From, Dattty Dat 3/4M!

    1. Hi Datty Dat, Jason was nervous when standing up in front of the whole school at assembly. As the day went by he became more confident. I will put a report and photos about Principal for the Day on this Blog shortly. Jason has written this report but I need to get it from him! Thank you for your reply.

  3. Was it hard to be a principal for a day?
    Were you nervous or it was not that bad?
    You are SO! lucky to be the principal for one day.

    from,Linda πŸ™‚ 3/4M

  4. Today was great Jason was being principal for a day.
    He interviewed me and I think he did an amazing job doing yard duty
    and assembly on his own. I think this idea is awesome because it can help
    people take responsibilities and be a leader! Well Done! πŸ˜€

    1. Yes Jason was fabulous. Did you know that 18 of 20 SRC members volunteered for the role of Principal and Jason was the lucky one that was selected from the draw. I’m sure any of them would have made a good Principal for the Day. Jason grew more confident in the role throughout the day and I think the experience will support his growth a leader in the future. I mightl do this again next year! What do you think?

      1. Mr Brew I think this program is fantastic! Lots of people really wanted to be principal for a day but Jason was the lucky one from the whole school. I realised he was a bit nervous but later in the day he was very confident.

        Alicia T
        5/6 Ma

        1. Everyone feels nervous when they are trying something new! It happens to me as well. The thing is to keep trying and give new things a go! Often you will surprise yourself and find you have preformed extremely well. Thanks Alicia for your comment. I will enjoy working with you as we organise the school disco.

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