The Too Colourful Disco

The students moved with amazing skill to the rhythm and beat of music and lights at the Too Colourful Disco. They shouted out the lyrics to their favourite songs participating with great enthusiasm. The foggy atmosphere and colourful lights enhanced the occasion.
The students received grab bags filled with lollies and chocolates, a bottle of water and glow-sticks upon entering the venue. There was a prize for the best dressed girl and boy whose outfits reflected the dress in two colours theme.
The Year 5/6 students enjoyed the games especially the ‘limbo dance off’ and the ‘group dance battle’.
Unfortunately it was impossible for everyone to win a prize but all were winners on the dance floor!

What did you like best about the Too Colourful Disco?

What could the SRC have done differently to make the disco even better?

What else would you like the SRC to organise?

9 thoughts on “The Too Colourful Disco”

  1. Dear Mr, Brew and SRC,
    What I liked best about the colourful disco was EVERYTHING!!!! πŸ™‚
    The SRC could not make the disco better as there was actually nothing that could be better than the way it was.
    The last question I’m not going to answer because the SRC has done enough for us 1/2s, 3/4s and 5/6s. I think you should let the SRC rest but the other students might want them to do something new. I have my friends and family that’s all I need.

    1. Because we have a new SRC for 2015 they are really motivated and want to plan and organise some great activities. It the students at school are pleased with what they do then the SRC will keep working to make things fun.

  2. Dear SRC,
    I heard the party was fun from grade 6 people this year now that I am Grade 5 I hope there’s another party.

    Andy Candy

    1. You were a regular visitor to the SRC blog last year. It is good that you are still making comments. We did not have a party today we had an SRC Orientation Day. SRC members learnt some leadership skills and we played some games to help us get to know each other and help us to cooperate.
      We began the day with a special SRC breakfast. Keep making regular comments as I will be giving a prize each month to the person that I think makes a great comment. A good comment could be a response to an idea on the blog. It might involve adding your own idea that builds on the topic and you could also make some suggestions. Thanks for remembering to look at the blog.

  3. Dear Mr Brew and the SRC,
    I wish I was a 5/6 student as the Disco looks so good and a lot of fun. It would be crazy if I got to go.


    Jenny 3/4m&m

  4. Hi Mr Brew,
    My class is thinking about having a 3/4 Disco because my class is jealous that the grade 5/6s got to have a crazy fun disco.

    From 3/4NS except Tony and Khoa

    1. I do not think we have the time to organise a 3/4 disco this year. We could do one in two years time for the students who are currently in 3/4.
      Is there anything else you would like the SRC to organise for the 3/4 students?

  5. Dear

    I enjoyed EVERYTHING!!
    I think that if we had another disco it should go for longer and have more songs but it was great as it was our FIRST disco!

    From Lara H,

    1. Thanks Lara. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Everyone was fully involved for the full 90 minutes. I wonder whether not the enthusiasm would have dwindled if the disco had have gone for another 30 minutes.

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