Lunchtime Activity Day for Year 4 Students

The SRC is planning to run some lunchtime activities and competitions in our school hall for the Year 4 students.


They are targeting these children because they missed out on the disco and because they might be encouraged to join the SRC in 2015!

The SRC is planning a number of activities that the Grade 4 students will rotate through. They are looking at the 2013 student survey to work out what type of activities might be popular.

They thought the following type of activities might have you motivated and excited…..

  • cooking / food making
  • art competition
  • sport/physical activity
  • dance/music competition
  • technology challenge

What do you think of these ideas?

Are there any other activities you would like to have included?


6 thoughts on “Lunchtime Activity Day for Year 4 Students”

  1. Dear SRC,
    All the ideas for the Activity Day were cool and I think you should include a writing competition and more art and craft next time. The activity I liked the most was Lego and art.Your ideas are awesome.Keep it up!

  2. Dear Mr Brew,
    I really loved cooking.
    I enjoyed it because I was with my friend
    and we had fun together.:)

    Fragrance in 3/4 M:)

    1. The cooking was the most difficult activity to organize because there was a lot of setting up and cleaning up involved. I’m glad you enjoyed the cooking activity. How did your lamington taste. I hope you didn’t need to feed it to your dog!!

    1. I think the SRC had a good range of different activities. That means that everyone should have something that they really enjoyed. Well done on winning that pen. You must be a LEGO expert!

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