Fantastic One-Time Fun-Time Lunch-Time Activities

The Student Representative Council organised and ran four fantastic activities for our Year 4 students. We hoped to encourage some of our Year 4 students to join the SRC in 2015.

We had 2 lunchtime sessions with over 40 students participating at each session. The SRC designed the activities by looking at data from our SRC Survey. They realized that our students enjoyed competitions, art, sport, technology and cooking. They creatively addressed these needs by organizing 4 ten minute activities through which the Year 4 students rotated over a 40 minute period.

The activities were:

  • A Group LEGO Building Challenge (Students were divided into 4 groups where they had to work as a team to make a robot, vehicle or building)
  • Number Soccer (When your number was called you raced onto the field to score a goal)
  • Lamington Delight (Students dipped their sponge cake into chocolate and rolled it in coconut)
  • Art Competition (Students worked individually to create an innovative SRC Logo)

OK Year 4 students, it’s your turn to comment!

What activity did you like best and why did you enjoy it?

What could we have done differently to make it even better?



13 thoughts on “Fantastic One-Time Fun-Time Lunch-Time Activities”

  1. I like the fruit salad it looks yummy you should make it for the disco.
    also thank you for keeping everyone in school safe .

  2. Dear SRC,
    I really enjoy playing number soccer because I like playing soccer and I think it’s the best sport.
    I hope next time you would make the sessions longer.

    Sincerely Jordan

    1. Next time Jordan it might be you that is organizing the activities. I’m glad you enjoyed soccer. You would like to make the soccer activity longer. How else could the soccer activity be improved?

  3. Dear SRC,
    My favourite activty was number soccer because it was very fun,enjoyable and I love sports.
    You could have added a bit more activities.

    Sincerely Lillian

  4. The activities were all really fun to set up especially the cooking, there were so many choices of what we could cook but we chose the lamingtons.
    I hope the grade fours enjoyed it.

  5. Dear SRC/Mr Brew,
    I really liked the Lego activity because I like building imaginary things with Lego. I also won a shiny red pen in the Lego contest. You should make this happen every year too! 🙂

  6. Dear SRC,
    During our activities, I enjoyed making the lamingtons the most because we could eat them.
    I hope there would be one next year for others to enjoy the fun that I have had.
    Also I enjoyed number soccer because I had fun trying to score a goal for my team!
    Sincerely Allan

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed making lamingtons. This activity took the most time to organize but worked really well. Perhaps you could join the SRC in 2015 and run similar activities.

  7. Dear SRC,
    My favourite games were cooking and Lego.
    I enjoyed them because I love learning and playing.
    You could have made the sessions longer.
    You could have added more games four wasn’t enough.

    Thank you for reading my comment.

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