10 thoughts on “Can you change the World? A pep talk from Kid President!”

  1. Dear Mr Brew,
    The video is very good. I would like to watch more videos.
    The little boy is cute and I wish I could be a SRC member too.
    The Most funny part is when the kid president danced

    From Vincent

  2. Dear Mr Brew,
    I think this video inspires me alot. And I was wondering if we can have a school president that can inspire the whole school too.
    From, Vivian 3/4 M

    1. We have school captains, house captains and SRC members in positions of leadership. We will also have a principal for the day later in the year. I think it is important for a school to have lots of leadership opportunities. If you like Kid President he has a range of Pep talks on Youtube. Have a look as he presents lots of interesting ideas. Remember that anyone can be a leader and anyone can bring about a positive change.

    1. I think Kid President explains how everyone can make a difference. His talks are quite inspiring and he uses humour to get his ideas across. What could you do to change the world? Leaving a comment on the SRC blog is one way to start. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

  3. Dear Mr Brew,
    I really feel very confident in my attempt to become a SRC member, but can you please make a post on how to become a school captain or house captain!

    Fragrance in (next year 5/6S and this year 3/4 M) 🙂

    1. It is great to have a go at new things. Don’t give up if you miss out being in the SRC in 2015. Good luck with your attempts to become an SRC member. You won’t be able to apply for a school captain position until you are in Year 6. Experience as an SRC member will help you in your attempt to be a school captain so try out for the SRC. To be a school captain you need to have the confidence to share your ideas. You need to be able to speak in front of student and adult audiences. You must be prepared to give up some of your free time to work on tasks. Demonstrate that you can work hard and show that you are reliable. Good luck Fragrance.

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