13 thoughts on “4 Tips for Student Leaders in the First Few Weeks of a New School Year”

  1. Dear Mr Brew,
    I think being a student leader is a very responsible job and I think the tips about leadership are great. I think our school is an amazing place all the time! 5/6 students are perfect for leadership jobs and I think our school should have lots of leadership roles.
    Vivian 3/4 M

    1. Hi Vivian I have edited and reworked your comment. I hope it still says what you intended. The 4 tips for leadership are really useful. That is why we set the goal for our first activity “The Great Easter Key Hunt” in term 1. It was organised then so we could have the event early in term 2. I hope you enjoyed this event. There are lots of opportunities for leadership in Year 5 and 6. We even have a leadership day for year 5 students at the end of each year. We have sports captains, school captains, SRC membership, recycling responsibilities, flag monitors and some students assist the canteen workers.
      However all grade 5 and 6 students are seen as leaders at our school!

  2. Dear SRC,

    What do you think a leader should do at the beginning of a new school year?

    I think the leaders of the school should help those who are struggling to find friends and the preps who are not so confident leaving home to come to school for 6 hours. They follow the 4 tips in the video above.

    What would you like the SRC to do for the students in 2015?

    The disco last year was a huge success and I think the SRC should plan 1 again. I also enjoyed the Easter Egg Art competition.

    I think having a top comment of the month is a great idea. This blog will get more comments and people will check it out more often to see what is going to happen during the year. I really like this idea of having the top comment of the month. Keep it up Mr Brew.

    What do you think would be important to include in your top comment?

    My answer to that question is you should include information that is not boring but interesting. You should include your main point and explain why. A top comment needs something that captures the reader’s mind. Your comment need to be appropriate and silly.

    That is what i think a top comment should include and my opinion of top comment of the month.


  3. What would you like the SRC to do for the students in 2015?

    For 2015 I would like the SRC to plan another school disco, last year’s school disco was awesome!

    1. We might organise another disco but we have never repeated an SRC activity so we would want to be really sure that all the Grade 5/6 students felt the same way that you do.

    1. Thank you Chelsea. I will be giving a prize each month to the person that I think makes a great comment. A good comment could be a response to an idea on the blog. It might involve adding your own idea that builds on the topic and you could also make some suggestions. I hope you will be a regular visitor to this blog.

    1. I think you would like us to have a fashion show. Do you think children could create their own designs. How would you organise it?

  4. Dear SRC,
    I love your blog and it the fist time I’ve been on your blog. I think your blog is good.
    In my class we are learning how to speak in French and Spanish!
    From, jasmine

    1. It’s great that you have visited our blog. I hope you will become a regular visitor. We would like to find out about any ideas you have for making our school a better place. What could the SRC do in 2015?
      I am pleased that you enjoy finding out about new languages. When you travel or meet people from other countries you will be able to say hello!

      Je suis heureux que vous aimez découvrir de nouvelles langues. Lorsque vous voyagez ou rencontrer des gens d’autres pays, vous serez en mesure de dire bonjour!

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