Top Comment of the Month!

Presentation1The SRC would like to thank the students who make regular comments to our SRC Blog.

We want to reward you for your efforts and encourage students to visit our site.

Each month there will be a prize given to the student with the best response.

We thank Isaac for being the first student to make a response and leave a comment in 2015 and hope you enjoy your prize.

The winning response for March will be announced at the end of the month.

A good comment will include a response to the content on the Blog and also answer any questions asked within the post.

What do you think of the idea of having a top comment of the month?

What do you think would be important to include in your top comment?

12 thoughts on “Top Comment of the Month!”

  1. Dear Mr. Brew,
    I think it’s a great idea and that Isaac deseveres the first prize of the year and I hope to see more great post from you.

  2. Dear Mr Brew,

    I would love to be one of those people.
    I like that you put a top comment of the month on your blog.
    I can’t believe Isaac and Vivian from my class won a prize and I wish I could win a prize.Can’t wait for your new post.
    Hope you have a great day.

    From, Veronica 3/4M

    1. We don’t get a lot of comments so if you post regularly you could be with a good chance of winning. Look at the tips about how to write a top comment and good luck.

  3. Dear Mr Brew,
    I think having top comment of the month is a great idea, it encourages students to visit this blog often and can help them keep in touch with what’s happening in the school. The top comment of the month should probably include what they enjoyed at school, that way you can know what’s going well in the school.


  4. Dear Mr Brew,
    I think you should pick 2 people because maybe people might start visit this blog and try and do a comment.
    I think it’s a good idea to do a top comment.
    You could tell us information about the prize.

    From Sarah

    1. You can discover who the winners are by clicking on the ‘Hall of Fame’ tab at the top of the blog or by clicking on the ‘Hall of Fame Page’ link. Each month the winning comment is published. I had two winners for March but will usually reward just one comment. I want to acknowledge a good comment but do not want the prize to become the main reason for postings. I hope those visiting the blog will enjoy and be interested in the posts and information provided an be motivated to leave a comment or join a conversation.

  5. Dear Mr Brew,
    I hope you have a good time with all the new SRC .
    I think this year that there should be more activities so then the children could work together and have fun.

    From Sarah 3/4 NB

  6. Dear Mr Brew,
    I think to have the top comment you must give more information about the topic you are talking about. You should include the name of the person you are saying it to and your First name.

    From Fragrance

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