SRC Orientation Day 2015

The Student Representative CouncilIMG_3218 met for the first time in 2015 on Monday 23rd February.

We began at 8:30am with a breakfast in our school hall. We had pancakes, cereal, yogurt, toast and fruit salad. “Yummy!”

During the IMG_3225day the students played “getting to know you games” and “cooperative games.” Through this process the members developed a bond of trust and respect for each other.

Students enjoyed the Web of Names IMG_3230activity. They passed a ball of string to another SRC member and said their name. Each person held onto their length of string as the ballwas passed around. This created a web which symbolized the bonds we were forming as a group.

We also established our meeting protocols and learnt about the roles and process that we follow for our weekly meetings.

IMG_3229The SRC gathered some ideas from other students throughout the school and began to plan their first activity.

We are planning a GREAT RACE with an Easter focus.

We hope you will enjoy our first event for 2015!

16 thoughts on “SRC Orientation Day 2015”

  1. Hi Mr Brew,
    First of all how are you doing.I just want to tell you about how much fun I had on the SRC orientation day,I’m part of the SRC if you don’t remember.Remember the time you told me that I have the brain to join the SRC well here I am! I still think the pancakes need improvement and I hope no one feels bad. Anyways Mr Brew you are awesome!

    1. Thanks Khanh. I’m looking forward to the first activity for the year. I taught your sister quite a few years ago. We are happy to have you in the SRC. My pancakes taste best when drowned in syrup. I’ll cook something you will really enjoy later in the year. Perhaps deep fried banana drowned in syrup!

  2. Hello Mr Brew,

    It Alicia from the SRC last year. I miss the old days of being part of the SRC and going to the fun meetings. Being part of the SRC is a great experience, i have become more confident and it really helped me made more friends. It is a great way to remember my primary school days. The games look really fun and the breakfast looks delicious. I think the SRC will plan great activities for the school. I hope the SRC will have a great time and make the most of being part of the SRC.


    1. Alicia your comments showed a lot of thought and addressed the questions asked. I especially like how you included the question in your answer. This means a person can read and understand your comments without reading my post. Well done and thank you for being a regular contributor to this blog.

  3. Hi Mr Brew,

    I am Jason, one of the SRC. The day went so well, I really loved the pancakes and the games we played especially the games where we worked together. What I loved best was that we got to know each other especially those we have not met before. It is such a great pleasure to be in the SRC. Are we going to see Dave again one day? I cannot wait to work with him. In the SRC, I am looking forwards to being a good leader and what I really look forward to is having lots of fun. I cannot wait to see how smoothly the first activity goes.


    1. I am glad that you enjoyed the cooperative games. I wonder if you learnt all the names of the SRC members? The Grade 5 students might work with Dave again at the end of the year. I like the ideas you have worked out for our first event. I think it will be a great success.

  4. Hi SRC of 2015,

    It is me Ben from last year, I hope you all can let the school have opportunities to have fun like never before. Please continue to make the school as joyful to be in as possible.


    1. Thanks Ben for checking in to find out what the SRC is doing. We will have a Great Race early next term. It might be like the Amazing Race on TV.
      Students will race from station to station to complete their tasks. I hope you join the SRC at your new school if you ever get a chance. Wishing you well for 2015.

    1. We also played a cooperative game where the students had to work together holding hands to keep balloons afloat. They enjoyed this game the most.

  5. Hello Mr Brew,
    I really enjoyed being in the SRC last year. I thought of joining again this year but I asked myself “Shouldn’t I give others a chance” and so I decided not to join the SRC this year. Being in the SRC was a great memory and experience, it also helped me build up confidence which I hope the others who are shy will be confident.
    ~ Katherine

    1. Thanks for your reply and continued interest in the SRC. It was nice of you to give others a chance to be involved this year. I think it would be good to join the SRC when you are in High School. Great to hear from you.

  6. Hello!
    I Remember Being here(only a 2 weeks ago), It was fun communicating with friends and sharing ideas and playing fun games/activities!

    Savio P
    😀 🙂 😛

    1. Thanks Savio for checking out the Blog. I’m glad you enjoyed the activities. I am sure we will achieve lots of good things this year!

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