A Special Visitor

Mayor3Recently the Mayor for our Community attended our SRC meeting. He told us that it is important to have a go at leadership opportunities especially at a young age as this helps develop the skills and confidence to become even better leaders in the future.

The Mayor explained that you can learn how to become a leader and grow into the position by being involved. He emphasized this by telling us that when he first had to give public speeches he would write out the whole speech word for word. Over time and with practice he learnt how to use cue cards with the main points when giving talks. Now he speaks naturally and with confidence without cue cards at major events.

The students asked the Mayor many questions about leadership and his role on the Council. Did you know that the Mayor acts as the chair person at the council meetings? At our SRC meetings students take turns at chairing the meeting. The chair person introduces the topics for discussion and helps the meeting to run smoothly.

It is important for students at our school to have a voice and make contributions to decision making in our school and community. The Mayor was impressed with what the students knew about their local community and they shared their thoughts and ideas about what could be improved.

We would like to thank the Mayor for coming to our school and we look forward to our continued involvement in our local community.

5 thoughts on “A Special Visitor”

  1. WOW!! Isn’t that exciting for the SRC and the teachers who got to meet the mayor? He came into our school and talked to the SRC’S! That’s amazing!I bet the mayor was shocked at how responsible and creative the SRC’s are this year.

  2. Dear SRC and Mr Brew,
    That was so cool that the mayor of our community came to the school! I wish that I could visit the mayor but sadly I am not a SRC. But next year I will go for SRC!! I always wanted to be SRC ever since I’ve been in year 3. I hope I get to be one because some people say it is really fun. I really like checking your blog Mr Brew because it’s so creative and really interesting!

    Tina from 5/6 FR

    1. We were very lucky to have the mayor speak and share his ideas about leadership with the SRC. What do you think the city council could do to improve our community?
      Thank you for the thoughtful reply.

    2. Hi Tina I hope you get this message. You posted the top comment for April which is now on the Hall of Fame page. Congratulations! Please see me for a prize.

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