The Great Easter Key Hunt

Have you very watched the Amazing Race on television?
Well we had our very own amazing race as an Easter activity here at school!!

Students worked in teams of 4 and had to complete challenging activities to receive a clue.

The five activities wereSlide4

  • Easter Bunny Dress Up
  • Holy Week Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge
  • Palm Sunday Dramatization
  • Egg and Spoon Obstacle Course
  • Pull the Egg out of the Sticky Goo

Once the teams had all five clues they assembled the words to create an Easter message, “Alleluia, Jesus is Risen, Alleluia. ”

After this they took a key and tried to open the prize box.
When the key failed to fit the lock the team ran back to the key table and tried another.

And what is in the prize box?
Easter eggs of course!

The SRC enjoyed organizing this special event.

What are your thoughts about The Great Easter Key Hunt?
Which activity was the best and why did you like it?

21 thoughts on “The Great Easter Key Hunt”

  1. Dear Mr Brew and SRC,
    I loved❤️The Easter key hunt .There were fun and unique activities and it was really challenging and awesome! It was hard to do every activities.
    How did you find all the different keys? I hope you make some thing like this.

    Vincent from 3/4M

    1. Our next activity is a party games event for the Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students. Some of the teachers hunted around their homes to find old keys. We were lucky that we could find enough.

  2. Dear SRC’

    This year I love the SRC. They come up with good things to do and it really great. I wish that we they can come up with lots more great ideas and that we can be a top Catholic school and get an award. We might even go on news!

    jasmine 🙂

    1. Great to see you commenting once again Jasmine. Your ideas are really helpful. I think we are already a top school. It would be amazing to be on the news. How might we make that happen?

  3. Dear Mr Brew,
    I enjoyed doing the Easter egg hunt because we had to dress up as a pink bunny, it was so funny.
    Pierce 5/6WM

    1. I’m glad you liked that crazy pink outfit! I tried it on myself but I don’t think pink is quite the right colour for me!!

    1. We can’t all be winners but we can all have fun! I noticed your team was way ahead of all the others. Unfortunately you failed to guess the correct key and the other teams caught up.

  4. I really enjoyed the Easter egg hunt!!! I can’t believe my group found the key but didn’t check it properly.

  5. Dear Mr Brew,

    I liked the Key Hunt and I hope we get to do it again.
    I thought my group was going to lose but instead we won and everyone in my class got jealous. I also liked doing the survey.

    From, Veronica

    1. I hope you enjoyed the surprise that you unlocked as winners of the Easter Key Hunt Competition. Thanks for your reply to the SRC survey.

  6. Dear Mr Brew and SRC,
    I think my favourite was the egg and spoon race even if my team lost we were still happy for the winners but we really want those chocolate eggs.
    Yours Sinerely,
    Vivian 3/4 Murphy
    ( P/S) thank you for letting me be in the recorder club even if I didn’t vote at that time.

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the egg and spoon activity. This was a fun way to start the new school term. I wish you all the best as a member of the recorder club. Hopefully I’ll see you at assembly playing a piece on the recorder later in the year!

  7. Dear Mr Brew,
    That was awesome watching that slide show that you put together.
    It was fun doing the Easter Egg hut even when I didn’t win but maybe next time.
    Whose idea was it to do the Easter Egg hut because I was just wondering?
    Thank you for spending your time planing the Easter Egg hunt and as well as the SRCs.

    Julie 5/6 FR 🙂 😉

    1. Thanks Julie for your thoughts about our Great Easter Key Hunt. The SRC came up with the different activities and we worked out the ideas together with a little guidance from myself and Mrs Rumpf. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of creative ideas.

  8. Dear Mr Brew,
    I really like Easter egg hunt. My favourite was the dress up. I hope you plan more of these great activity. Thank you SRC for giving up your time for us.


    1. The Easter Bunny dress up was an innovative idea. Luckily I was able to find a range of cheap and effective clothing.

  9. Dear Mr Brew,
    It was so fun when we did the Easter Key Hunt because you get to play a lot of activities and get clues. I hope you do something similar like this. I am always interested in all the SRC activities because it is always fun and challenging!

    Tina 5/6 FR

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