9 thoughts on “Leadership Styles”

  1. Dear Mr Brew,
    I really enjoyed watching the video about leadership. I really liked how they taught us about the bad leaders and the good leaders. I can’t wait to be a leader with big responsibilities next year.


  2. Dear Mr Bew,
    I like the video you on the blog about leadership and I think leadership is about showing S.E.L.

    From,Theresa VO

    1. A good leader has excellent social and emotional qualities. Good thinking that is one of the many reasons why SEL is so important at our school!

  3. Dear Mr Brew,
    I thought about this video and it was telling me a good leader is showing S.E.L and I thought this video reminds me about princapal Tyson. I thought that this is a very helpful video for the 5/6 boys if they want to be princapal for a day.

    1. If you followed the advice presented through this video you would do well as Principal for a Day. However girls can also be the Principal for a day. Many schools have a lady principal. Some girls did apply for the position but missed out. Do you think we should have a Principal and Deputy Principal next year to give a boy and girl a chance?

  4. Hello Mr Brew!
    I have watched this video and I think it’s a really good video about the differences of a good leader and a bad leader. It’s also really cool how it is shown by drawing. I hope to see more things about leadership. 😀

    1. Thanks Katherine for your reply. I think good leaders empower others so that together we can achieve great things. I like working with people who have creative ideas and are willing to work hard to get things done.

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