Principal for the Day 2015

This is the 2nd time our Principal for a dayschool has participated in Principal for the Day. It is an excellent way to highlight the importance of student voice and student leadership within our school.

Principal Tyson was already well known to many of the students at our school because of his friendly outgoing personality so of course he was a popular choice when elected.

You can read all about is experience as Principal for a day by clicking on the link below.


What do you think Principal Tyson enjoyed most about this special day?

What would you like to do if you were Principal for a day?

3 thoughts on “Principal for the Day 2015”

  1. My favourite part was when Principal Tyson came to the grass yard and everyone crowded around him.

    If I was the principal of the day I would give free fruit tubes to the good children.

    1. Principal Tyson didn’t enjoy the outside crowd as much as the children did! He came back inside quite quickly. I think giving something nice to others for free would make you a very popular principal. However what might happen if you stopped giving out treats?

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