Lego Master Builders Competition

This September the Student Representative Council organised a school wide Master Builders Lego Competition. Each class was provided with sets of Lego and students worked in pairs to design many amazing and very creative pieces.

Students worked together to build homes, robots, vehicles and some weird and wonderful machines. All winners from each of our classrooms were photographed.

The SRC judged a winner from each level and these students received a Lego Basics set as their prize.

Congratulations SRC for another successful and fun-filled activity!

What did you like the most about the Lego competition?

Explain why you might like to do this again next year?

6 thoughts on “Lego Master Builders Competition”

  1. Dear Mr Brew and the SRC,

    My favorite thing about the Lego Competition
    was getting to choose what you wanted to make.
    And it also didn’t matter who didn’t get the prize.

    From, Veronica 3/4 M

    1. Thanks Veronica. I think the activity worked well across the school because it was easy for teachers to run. I hope you will think about trying out for the SRC next year!

    1. I hope people enjoyed the activity. The prizes are just a way to make things more interesting. I was amazed with the skills show by our clever students. Perhaps the teachers should have had a competition as well.

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