Street Design with the City of Greater Dandenong

On Wednesday May 25 the Student Representative Council  proudly participated with the City of Greater Dandenong in a consultation process for the Springvale Road Boulevard Project.

Major improvements are planned for the Springvale Road area between Virginia Street and St James Avenue and students at our school were asked to provide a voice from the children’s perspective.

By working with our students the City of Greater Dandenong aimed to:

  • Understand the children’s opinions and feelings about Springvale Road and its surrounds;
  • Document the children’s typical movements through the site;
  • Seek and capture the children’s vision and ‘big picture’ aspirations for the site;
  • Ensure children’s voices and visions are included within the Design Framework.

The students met with Phin Murphy and  Wayne Deklijn, landscape architects to develop an understanding of the site from a bird’s eye perspective. Using Google Earth and Maps students investigated the layout of the Springvale shopping area. They developed an understanding of street scaping so that they could identify the site’s best features and so that they could provide ideas on how the street could be improved.

Students walked down Springvale Road with the architects and discussed their ideas.

They placed a trail of where they walk around Springvale on a large site map and they used drawings and used words to share their aspirations.

The students learnt so much about street scaping, landscape architecture, mapping and design. They also developed a greater understanding of the role the City Council and its impact on their local community.

We would like to thank Colleen Johnson from the City of Greater Dandenong for inviting us to participate in such a value project. We appreciate the opportunity and feel honoured to have our voice heard as part of the local community.

  • What would you change about Springvale to make it a better place?
  • What could be added to the street, footpaths or alleyways to make Springvale Road more appealing?

The City of Greater Dandenong Children’s Forum

On Tuesday 24 May Child Friendly City2016, 4 members of our Student Representative Council participated with 20 other local primary schools in The City of Greater Dandenong Children’s Forum.

During the day  students had the opportunity to work with council members and activity presenters to voice their ideas and opinions about important community events and projects.20160524_133754






Our students participated in the following workshops

Workshop 1: ‘Public space and my neighbourhood’


  • Learnt about how cities and neighbourhoods are designed
  • Talked about how people use outdoor spaces
  • Walked to Palm Plaza and assessed the outdoor site
  • Recorded ideas on how we can make outdoor spaces better for children

Workshop 2 ‘Children’s Festival and fun activities’

Students worked with a local artist to visually present what would make the Greater Dandenong Children’s Festival the best Festival in Melbourne!

It was a brilliant event and we hope we will have the opportunity to participate again next year!

  • Have you been to the Children’s Festival called ‘The Little Day Out?’
  • What things do you think a children’s festival should have to make it fun for kids?