Crazy Hair Day


This term we had Crazy Hair Day. The reason for this was because everyone wanted to do an activity for the whole school and for cancer research. Everyone had to bring a gold coin donation. People came to school with some wonderful, weird and crazy hairstyles.


We had a treasure hunt where peoplehair2 had to go looking for clues to find the mystery person from a selection of photos of children with unusual hairstyles. The first two people to identify the mystery person won a prize. Prizes were also awarded to students with creative hairstyles.



At the end of the day everyone had a great time being at school with their crazy hairstyles and we raised $600 for Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre as well!


14 thoughts on “Crazy Hair Day”

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it Wesley. Hopefully we can organise something good for you this year. What would you like the SRC to do?

  1. Hi Mr Brew,

    I love how our school raise money for researches and charities. Crazy hair day was so fun. Three people won in my class last year for the most crazies hair (3/4MB),I was one of them!

    From Naychi 5/6MA

      1. Hi Mr Brew,
        The SRC’s should raise money for make -a-wish Australia and starlight foundation in Australia.
        I would like the SRC have a whole school party celebrating being at school.

  2. Dear Mr Brew,
    My name is Sarah and I am the school vice captain.
    I am very excited to work with you and the other SRC members.
    Will we have a welcome event for the new kids? Maybe we can eat a little then we choose a new kid and ask them a few questions. Have a good year this year

    From Sarah

    1. Sarah this is a great idea. We do this every year but we leave it a little too late in the year. Do you think we should do it this term? We could ask the students how they are finding things and have a nice lunch with them. Perhaps we could play some games with them as well. What do you think?

      1. Dear Mr Brew,
        I think that is an incredible idea, if we do it every year we should keep tradition going but maybe change some events.
        I still would like to do it and I think it would be a good opportunity to meet some new kids at our school and see how they like it.
        From Sarah

          1. Dear Mr Brew,
            Sure thing, I can’t wait to meet them and see what they think about St. Josephs. I am excited to do this as a SRC thing.

            From Sarah

  3. Dear SRC,
    I enjoyed the Crazy Hair Day a lot. I hope you keep up this great work in the future and I also won the competition of the Crazy hair treasure hunt.

    From Sansom 3/4Murphy

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is the first comment for 2017. The SRC hopes they can come up with some great activities this year. Do you have any ideas? Please come and see me for a prize!

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