Big Screen Consultation Process

The City of Greater Dandenong  interviewed and videoed some children from our School as part of their community consultation process. The students were asked to share their ideas about the possibility of including a big screen as part of the Community Precinct redevelopment.

This was a great opportunity for our students to have their say about developments in their local community.

What are your thoughts about having a big outdoor screen in our community?

If we were to include an outdoor big screen as part of the development would you be more likely to visit the public space?

What would you like to watch on the big screen?

What would make you want to visit the community space?

If you could program the screen for a day what would you put on there?

6 thoughts on “Big Screen Consultation Process”

  1. Hi SRC,

    If I could have the program for the big screen for the day I would put Disney Movies for all ages.

    It’s a great idea to have a big screen outdoors!

    From Naychi 5/6MA

    1. What else would you need in the area if people were to watch movies? I think you might need an ice-cream and coffee stall in the area? What type of seating might work?

      1. Hey Mr Brew,
        I think it would be a BRILLIANT! idea to have a big screen, because there are now a lot of people in who are moving around here, and people want to get to know each other.
        And I would LOVE the ice cream area.

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