What is the Student Representative Council Planning for 2017?

We have had two very successful activities focused on welcoming new students to our school.

We had an amazing lunch for new students from Grades 1 to 6 at the end of Term One. We had healthy homemade hamburgers and a range of other foods including delicious fried rice! During the meal the SRC asked our new students for feedback about our school. All the new students said they felt welcomed and respected at our school. The one problem seemed to be that the playground was crowded and could be a little more interesting?


What do you think?

What could we do to improve our playground? 

We also held a lunchtime activity event for the new students in Term Two.  Students played Musical Chairs, Dodge-ball, Balloon Antics and Number Soccer. Now that the SRC has had a go at organizing these types of activities they can put their skills to use by organizing a junior school activity event!

Our Aims for 2017

  • Junior School Activity Event – Term 3
  • Senior School Disco – Term 3
  • Participation in the City of Greater Dandenong Child’s Forum
  • School Fete – Term 4
  • 2017 Student Survey
  • Development of a Friendship Seat
  • Leadership Assembly in December

What would you like the SRC to do?

5 thoughts on “What is the Student Representative Council Planning for 2017?”

  1. Dear Mr Brew,
    I find the playground kinda boring now. The equipment hasn’t changed in a long time. Only the floor has changed. I feel like we could add some games in it. If I could add something I would add GA-GA from camp at Phillip Island since it was fun.


    1. What was the GA-GA activity at camp. Some big outside games could work well. It might be a good idea to get some creativity into our playground. You should bring this up at an SRC meeting.

  2. Dear Mr Brew,
    I really enjoyed the Prep activity day. I had fun interacting with many Preps and dancing with them. I felt like we had a variety of activities. I think the SRC did well in preparing the activities and all the Preps had fun. The Preps were very good at listening and no prep was a bad sport.


    1. The SRC worked effectively running the activities. Everyone was enthusiastic and encouraged the Preps to stay on task. The explanations for each task were clear and concise. Students were occupied in a positive way once they had completed the activity and they were moved between tasks in a fun way.
      What will we need to do with the Grade 1/2 students to run a similar event? Could we have two classes at each time? We cannot do it seven times but we could run four sessions with two classes.

  3. To the SRC members,
    In our class we have been learning about Indigenous Australians. We strongly believe that our school should acknowledge the traditional land owners at assemblies and other school events. The Bunurong people lived here first and we think it is important to show respect to them and their ancestors.
    From 3/4V

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