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The Great Easter Key Hunt

Have you very watched the Amazing Race on television?
Well we had our very own amazing race as an Easter activity here at school!!

Students worked in teams of 4 and had to complete challenging activities to receive a clue.

The five activities wereSlide4

  • Easter Bunny Dress Up
  • Holy Week Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge
  • Palm Sunday Dramatization
  • Egg and Spoon Obstacle Course
  • Pull the Egg out of the Sticky Goo

Once the teams had all five clues they assembled the words to create an Easter message, “Alleluia, Jesus is Risen, Alleluia. ”

After this they took a key and tried to open the prize box.
When the key failed to fit the lock the team ran back to the key table and tried another.

And what is in the prize box?
Easter eggs of course!

The SRC enjoyed organizing this special event.

What are your thoughts about The Great Easter Key Hunt?
Which activity was the best and why did you like it?

Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition April 3rd

The Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition was a huge success! The students were extremely creative in their designs. They had 15 minutes to produce their ‘egg-art’ masterpieces and coped well with the pressure of the competition.
The SRC did an amazing job planning the event, decorating the hall with balloons and streamers and in organising a selection of music that had the students dancing on their way to the tables. It was a difficult decision selecting the finalists and winners. Many amazing egg designs missed out on being chosen. However everyone had a great time. The event ran smoothly and there were lots of happy, smiling faces!
Five hundred dollars was raised and this will be given to the Royal Children’s Hospital during the Good Friday Appeal.
Well done SRC we can’t wait to see what you will be organising next!

Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition on PhotoPeach

Creative Easter Art Activities

Everyone enjoyed the Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition held on Thursday 3rd April.

Well done! There were so many wonderful and creative ideas.

Watch the following clip and it may give you some ideas that you can have a go at during the school holidays.

The SRC would be interested in looking at anything you have produced when you come back to school.

So get out the glue, paper and scissors and get creative!

Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition

Easter bunnyOn 3rd April 2014, the Student Representative Council (SRC) has planned an exciting event for Easter. The whole school will be participating in our Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition.

Children will bring a range of things such as, cardboard, textas, coloured pencils, glue stick and anything else to make a winning Easter egg.

During the competition each child will be provided with a blank outline of an Easter egg on a small piece of paper. They will use this to create their art piece.eastereggs

We look forward to seeing a range of creative designs. There will be lots of prizes and it is certain to be a great success!

Please be organised and plan for this special event!!