Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition April 3rd

The Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition was a huge success! The students were extremely creative in their designs. They had 15 minutes to produce their ‘egg-art’ masterpieces and coped well with the pressure of the competition.
The SRC did an amazing job planning the event, decorating the hall with balloons and streamers and in organising a selection of music that had the students dancing on their way to the tables. It was a difficult decision selecting the finalists and winners. Many amazing egg designs missed out on being chosen. However everyone had a great time. The event ran smoothly and there were lots of happy, smiling faces!
Five hundred dollars was raised and this will be given to the Royal Children’s Hospital during the Good Friday Appeal.
Well done SRC we can’t wait to see what you will be organising next!

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Creative Easter Art Activities

Everyone enjoyed the Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition held on Thursday 3rd April.

Well done! There were so many wonderful and creative ideas.

Watch the following clip and it may give you some ideas that you can have a go at during the school holidays.

The SRC would be interested in looking at anything you have produced when you come back to school.

So get out the glue, paper and scissors and get creative!

Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition

Easter bunnyOn 3rd April 2014, the Student Representative Council (SRC) has planned an exciting event for Easter. The whole school will be participating in our Eastertastic Egg-ar-art Competition.

Children will bring a range of things such as, cardboard, textas, coloured pencils, glue stick and anything else to make a winning Easter egg.

During the competition each child will be provided with a blank outline of an Easter egg on a small piece of paper. They will use this to create their art piece.eastereggs

We look forward to seeing a range of creative designs. There will be lots of prizes and it is certain to be a great success!

Please be organised and plan for this special event!!


SRC Orientation Day



We began our first SRC session with our twenty Grade 5 & 6 leaders sharing a delicious early morning breakfast. We enjoyed pancakes, fruit salad, yoghurt, cereal and toast. This was a fantastic way to get to know each other and celebrate the beginning of our friendship and  journey as the 2014 SRC.

After breakfast we played a series of getting to know you games and then learnt about the format of an SRC meeting. We established some rules and procedures that we will use to help us function successfully as a group.

We also played cooperative games that helped us to focus on the importance of working together and contributing as members of our newly formed SRC.

We learnt that to work successfully as a group each member needs to know:

• what he/she can do to help;

• what other members can contribute;

• how to help other members; and

• how to accept help from them.

We completed the session by looking at what our 2013 student survey revealed. The students thought that a school disco, school fete and some lunch times sporting sessions could be possible projects for 2014.


What would you like the SRC to do in 2014? Why do you think this would be important for our school?

Student Representative Council 2014

Martina_Charoensak_YR56 - St Joseph's Primary School-3A large number of Grade 5 and 6 students presented speeches hoping to be on the 2014 SRC.  A lot of effort was put into the presentations. Students discussed their strengths as  leaders and their willingness to listen to others and help them to enjoy school.

Thank you to everyone who applied! Unfortunately many eager students have missed out this year. I would encourage you all however to continue to take on future leadership opportunities both this  and next year especiallly in Secondary School.

Through the election process those who applied have improved their public speaking skills. You may find that you are more confident next time you speak in front of an audience.

Well done!

You may be interested in reading the February edition of Connect which is an online magazine published by Roger Holdsworth. This magazine has many articles written by students and teachers that focus on Student Voice, Student Engagement and Student Decision Making.


Prehaps you would like to discuss one of the articles or some of the ideas presented in Connect. If so send me a post.

All the best everyone for 2014!

SRC Assembly

The SRC is planning an exciting assembly next Friday 15th November. They will perform a play which is a parallel adventure story that shows all the exciting things the SRC had done throughout the year:

  • The Giant Easter Egg Hunt
  • The establishment of a vegetable garden
  • The design of a park bench seat
  • The running of a senior and junior talent show


We hope you enjoy our assembly!

Hello World!

Welcome to the SRC Blog.

This year the SRC has organised a range of fun-filled events including a giant Easter egg hunt in Term 1 and both a junior and senior talent show in Term 3. In term 4  the SRC will organise an assembly where they will share their 2013 successes and encourage new students to have a go and join the SRC for 2014. If you have any great ideas for 2014 please let us know.

  • What ideas do you have for whole school events or activities?
  • What would you like the SRC to organise for 2014?
  • What things could be added to our school to make it better?
  • What are your dreams for the students and community at our school?


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