Save the Pandas!

PandaFrom my research question about why pandas only eat bamboo I became interested in protecting the panda.

 The action I decided to take as part of my project was to encourage others to 

help save the pandas.

Pandas need to be protected. I strongly believe we should protect the pandas.

First of all, pandas are a part of nature. Pandas want to stay in their habitat. So people should not build roads, parking lots and shops that destroy the panda’s home. There are many different kinds of panda and we don’t want to lose any.

Secondly,  there are very few pandas left. Pandas do not want to become extinct like dinosaurs. We should be saving them not allowing them to die.

Last of all, pandas are a mascot of China. China loves their national animal. China has more pandas than any other country. China doesn’t want to be like other countries who have lost their native animals.

And that’s why I want to protect the pandas.

Written by Jimmy (Grade 4 student)


If you want leave a donation to help save pandas follow this link.


I thank you for your help.

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