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JULY 2015Presentation1

I wish I was a Prep again to do those AWESOME and FUN games. I think that the Preps must have enjoyed those party game activities with the SRC.

I hope the 3/4’s get to do those activities or other FUN activities with the SRC and of course with YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you have a great day today:).


MAY 2015

I think being a student leader is a very responsible job and I think the tips about leadership are great. I think our school is an amazing place all the time! 5/6 students are perfect for leadership jobs and I think our school should have lots of leadership roles.
Vivian 3/4 M


APRIL 2015

Dear SRC and Mr Brew,

That was so cool that the mayor of our community came to the school! I wish that I could been there for visit by the mayor but sadly I am not an SRC member. But next year I will go for SRC!! I always wanted to be SRC ever since I’ve been in year 3. I hope I get to be one because some people say it is really fun. I really like checking your blog Mr Brew because it’s so creative and really interesting!

Tina from 5/6 FR

MARCH 2015

Congratulations to Alicia for having the top comment for the month and to Fragrance for her many contributions to our blog.

I think having a top comment of the month is a great idea. This blog will get more comments and people will check it out more often to see what is going to happen during the year. I really like this idea of having the top comment of the month. Keep it up Mr Brew.

What do you think would be important to include in your top comment?

My answer to that question is you should include information that is not boring but interesting. You should include your main point and explain why. A top comment needs something that captures the reader’s mind. Your comment needs to be appropriate and not silly.

That is what  I think a top comment should include and my opinion of top comment of the month.


Dear Mr Brew,
I think to have the top comment you must give more information about the topic you are talking about. You should include the name of the person you are saying it to and your First name.

From Fragrance



Congratulations for Issac for being the first to make a comment this year!

I loved your blog it tells me a lot to enjoy coming back to school

From Isaac

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